The following pages will assist you in resolving some of the more common problems that occur with steering units.

Hard Steering Excessive Heat Noises
Binding or Seizing Wheel Cuts Restricted Shimmy
No Wheel Recovery Oil forced from Reservoir Play
Darting or Wandering

Always be sure to check the following first:

  • Low or uneven tire pressure
  • Incorrect front end alignment
  • Bent or poorly lubricated front end parts
  • Front axle over-loading
  • Faulty shocks or springs
  • Spools valve sticking or improperly adjusted

The information is provided to assist with the most common steering difficulties.  The list of problems is not complete.  This information should be used with the original equipment manuals.  Always refer to the OEM manuals before performing any maintenance or repair to the steering system.

If a problem arises that is not listed please feel free to call any Customer Service Representative at Power Steering Specialists.