TRW/Ross and Sheppard

The relief valve plunger adjustment is provided to automatically reduce the steering pressure when the road wheels have reached the turn limits. This keeps the supply pump from operating at its maximum relief pressure and therefore reducing the steering system operating temperature stress loads

Adjustment Procedure

  1. Start engine and allow it to operate at idle speed.
  2. With full weight of the vehicle on all wheels, turn steering wheel in one direction until a high pressure hiss is heard or the axle stops contact.
  3. Adjust the relief valve plunger in or out until the high pressure hiss is heard when there is a clearance of 1/8 or 3/16 inches between the axle stops.
  4. Repeat this procedure at opposite axle stops.

Ross TAS Series

All TAS steering gears are equipped with self-adjusting poppets. These poppets are set once the unit is mounted on the vehicle.

Adjustment Procedure

  1. With the engine at idle, turn the steering wheel in one direction until the steering gear linkage contacts the axle stops. This will automatically position the poppet adjuster set and assembly.
  2. Repeat in opposite direction.